About SF Film School

SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in Korea with a long history.

You will smoothly progress in artistic skill and develop in a technical way by learning from our  skilled instructors who have a lot of practical experience and ability.The instructor in charge of you will answer your questions at anytime to maximize your skill progression.Our students have a high percentage of employment because the instructor in charge of them continuously advises them while working on their demo reels until they get employed.





There is no perfect way in the world. But we want to go the perfect path. That's why I have to imagine the way I should go.
With a lot of question marks attached, I can judge whether my imagination is possible if I proceed with the tail of my 
imagination. Through imagination, your plan will come true and you will walk a path closer to perfection as you go through the process of being revised repeatedly.

You should not only look at things with your eyes, but look at things with your heart and think.
In other words, you need to learn the habit of observing.
Don't get caught up in the overall impression and focus your attention on the details.
Ideas arise only through the habit of observing objects with a sense of purpose.

Have you imagined and observed?
Now we have to express it based on this.
By learning the method used in cg production, you can express from lumps to details. 



'Think Different'
Creativity, scarcity, and differentiation are very important factors for artists.
Creative, an essential element of the artist.
You will become a creative artist beyond imitation. 

The cg field is a very large range of technologies.
Movies, broadcasts, dramas, animations, games, and advertisements are applied according to their own career path.
The synergy effect can be enhanced through communication between the educated students and exchanges with graduates along with the teacher's intelligence.
It can increase the quality among good-intentioned competitors. 



There is nothing in this world that can be done without enthusiasm.
The same goes for the cg field.
From the first stage of learning to the stage of creating a portfolio, if you are passionate about fighting yourself, you can do it.
Enthusiastic teachers and students can reach their goals if they work hard with passion in a systematic educational environment.

Effort and talent are compared in opposite ways.
Talent crumbles in front of the wall of failure.
SF Film School never produces student works for you.
SF Film School students are trained to grow into true artists through a systematic education system and student efforts, not simply creating a portfolio for employment.
The results of your study with continuous effort and persistence are a wonderful asset for you for a lifetime.
Hard work and persistence will never betray you. 


The network between teachers, students and graduates has an impact on society as well.
By interacting with graduates who are currently working in the field, you will be able to learn the know-how required in the field and have the opportunity to broaden your career path. 


         SFFS graduates selected for Draft and Excellence at The Rookies Awards 2020
          SFFS graduates' work was selected for The Rookies Awards Learning.
          SF Film School was ranked 7th in the world at The Rookies Awards.
          SF Film School has been selected as the global official accredited educational institution
by Chaos Group.
          SFFS graduates were selected for the Illumination Student Rendering Challenge 2020 Final.
          SFFS graduates finished first in the Illumination Student Rendering Challenge 2020. 
          SFFS LAB was established in Vancouver, Canada.



          SFFS Workshop (Training Center) for students completed
          SFFS graduates have been selected for the The Rookies Awards 2019 Winner Finalist. 
          Participated in Siggraph 2019
          Business agreement with Digidelic Inc (Japanese company) and training of human resources 
          SFFS graduates were selected for the Undiscovered Student Rendering Challenge 2019 Final.


Expansion of studio scale


Established a branch office in Busan, South Korea


Construction of Motion Capture equipment


Established a branch office in Vancouver, Canada
Establishment of video studio and construction of equipment


Inviting and conducting International Fantasy Conventions
Held VFX Camp for CG Amateurs


Participated in Siggraph 2012
Held VFX Camp for CG Amateurs 
Invited as a judge at the 3rd International SF Film Festival.


Invited and lectured at the 'Knowledge Economy Open Forum'
'Roboworld 2009' Robot UCC production contest grand prize
Business agreement with VICON


Establishment of SFFS LAB
Live on 3G video production business agreement with 'SK Telecom'


Business agreement with Egg Pictures Studio


Business agreement with Graphic Live (CG magazine)


Establishment of SF Film School


Invited as a judge at the 4th International SF Film Festival.
Signed an education and business agreement with Shepherd University
Signed an education and business agreement with Dundee University


Participated in Siggraph 2010
Signed MOU with Mofac Studios


Invitation to 'MBC Korea Film Awards'


Selected as an educational institution

by the Film Promotion Committee


Business agreement with Native Korea


Business agreement with Balhae Gate