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We are recruiting 3D/VFX instructors

for SF FILM SCHOOL Beginner Training.

Task Type
- We are looking for a great instructor who will take over the spirit of the SF Film School and educate and lead students.

- Create and record attractive course content.
- The class is outlined based on the industry standard VFX pipeline.

Educators should have the following obligations
- Experience in filmmaking, game cinematic and/or advertising.
- You should be interested in motivating yourself and teaching and sharing knowledge.
- You should use the class preparation guide to produce class materials optimized for individuals.
- In order to lead the class, smooth communication with online students is necessary.
- Prepare courses for beginners and intermediates and monitor and mentor students in classes and online.
- Class progress should be able to be organically adjusted according to the student level or situation.
- Communicate often with students and colleagues.

SF Film School Information
"That's the pride we have about our students' work levels."
SF Film School is trying to get closer to its goal of becoming the best in the world as well as in Korea, and is doing its best to inform students of CG, VFX know-how, and R&D information systems and information in Hollywood.
We need you who are passionate about better education and fostering great talent.

Applicant only
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the email below. Applicants who wish to be interviewed will be contacted within 5 days.

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