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Star wars: Luke Skywalker

Yu Eun Jeong



Well, I found a character that combines critcher and hardsupface and created Star Wars' Luke Skywalker. Then, I didn't like the ending of Star Wars, so I wanted to make a teaser video for another ending, so I added x-wing and animation.

There are times when I want to make a great popol and use tools that I haven't learned because of the need, but it can be burdensome. But when you actually write it, you'll feel that it's easier than you think and your freedom of expression increases. So if you have a new tool or function, don't be scared and try it. You will feel that my skills are improving with the fun of gradually decreasing the limitations in making what I wanted to express.

The academy is also a place to learn skills, but it is also a place where you can broaden your horizons. People of various majors and tastes grow backgrounds come. The more I make friends in the lab, the more I create a world that combines various perspectives and ideas from the existing perspective I have seen about the work. I think this is part of making popoles.

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