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People Talk About US

SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in South Korea with a long history.

SF Film School graduates’ interviews are here. You can hear the stories in SF Film School, Graduates’ stories after getting a job and about the companies they work for. We hope you become a better artist as keep their advices in your mind. We will look forward to see your advices too in this page in the future. We don’t put the people in this board who already have a job and studied abroad before came to this school.


Wonjoon Lee




Hello, this is Lee Won Jun who finished VFX regular program in SFFS.

At first, I knew nothing about Maya. I took a week to get to know the interface of Maya, and I can't believe that I am graduating now. As I was making my portfolio, I put aside my dream of making animation and started an artwork with a large scale. Then I came back to animation eventually. Although I ended up changing the media of my portfolio, I learned a lot in the process. If you plan too big, you will end up changing in the middle. I think it is more efficient to have a base line of your project and then plan and produce your artwork. I would like to thank my teachers for their guidance and dedication. I spent memorable times in workshop. I will always remember that place because I poured my passion there. There will always be times that you get lost if you are working by yourself. Working with other people in the same place make you able to share information and motivate each other when others are down. SFFS was like my home. I will miss my time in this place after I graduate. In other words, friends who went through troubles together are precious. I received a lot of guidance from teachers and colleagues while I was being a mentor. I will always be grateful. I met a lot of really good friends. Thanks to them, I've never felt lonely as I was working on my portfolio. To those who haven't finished their portfolio, as long as you don't give up, you will have good outcome. I wish good luck to all the people who love VFX.

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