Tips for Modelling pipeline and Production of Hollywood studios

SF Film School

In this seminar, we will explain the modelling pipeline and production know-hows of Hollywood studios.

This SFFS exclusive seminar is taught by an international Modelling Technique professional, Bobby Jeong, who has participated in many Hollywood films as a modelling texture artist for a long time.

Bobby Jeong


Sony Pictures Imageworks

Senior 3D Artist

Senior 3D Artist - Bobby Jeong is working for Sony Pictures Imageworks (Vancouver), a famous Hollywood VFX company, as a 3D modeling & texture artist for many years.

Area of Expertise

  • Senior 3D Artist / Sony Pictures Imangeworks

  • Senior 3D Artist / Industrial Light & Magic

  • 3D Artist / Lucasfilm Animation Ltd

  • 3D Artist / Egg Story Digital Arts

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