Confirm students’ artworks on the technical aspects

SF Film School

In this seminar, we will explain the working pipeline of Visual Effects and Digital Compositing. Also we will share Hollywood CGI VFX tips from professionals. After that, we will have time where our inturucters confirm our students’ portfolio and provide advice on technical parts.

Connor Meechan



VFX Supervisor

VFX Supervisor - Connor has provided on-set VFX supervision for feature films, TV and commercials collaborating with directors Joe Dante, Gavin O'Connor, Dan Gilroy, and Michel Gondry. He has also collaborated with industry leading DPs and cinematographers including Dean Cundey, Robert Richardson, Claudio Miranda, Janusz Kaminski, and Mandy Walker.

  • C2VFX - Visual Effects Supervisor Founder

  • Speedshape - Visual Effects Supervisor Founder

  • Ford Motor Company - Class A math modeler

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