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Little Friends in the forest

(PS. The team project at the end of the YouTube video is a different work.)


Chipmunk (XGen)

In the case of a chipmunk, it was created by using the XGen primitive method. I focused on giving directions with a guide and expressing clumping naturally.

Sparrow (Yeti)

Since I've used XGen to make chipmunk before, I wanted to try another fur program, Yeti. The outer wings of the sparrow are made of image planes, and the rest are made of Yeti feathers.

The main feathers of the wing were made of Plane, and the other parts were made of Yeti Feather. I was able to find a picture of a sparrow's feather on a bird research site, and I used Photoshop to create the source. Also, using the created source, maps such as specular and translucency were created.

The most difficult part of making the sparrow was folding its wings. I rigged using Advanced Skeleton5, and I was able to fold the wings using the Pose Driving System function. Since each wing could be adjusted separately, it was possible to give each wing a different weight and fold the wing.

The backgrounds were created using Megascan sources. The leaves of the floor and the moss of the tree were placed using Mash. And I used depth of field to mimic some zoom-in shots in documentary films.

Thank you for watching

Have a great day :)

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