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Star wars: Luke Skywalker

Character(Luke Skywalker)

I sculpted in detail on Zbrush and made face skin texture in Photoshop with marble, vein, dot maps and painted in Mari. ​ I used Alsurface of vray skin shader, Maya/vray for rendering and Xgen Interactive for hair. I'm focusing to make stray hairs.


Since I needed some references of an old man's hand, I asked my father to take a few photoes of his hand. Then I started to sculpt Luke's left hand with Zbrush based on my father's hand.


After making clothes'base modeling in Marvelous Designer, retopology in Maya because of more detail winkles. And painted in Substance Painter.

Hard Surface(X-wing, robotic hand, Lightsaber)

I modeled X-wing, robotic hand and Lightsaber in Maya at first. And then I put several demages on the mechanic hand in Zbrush and used dynamesh as well. All the textures made by Substance Painter. I do have enjoyed making maps.




I really enjoyed making it. Thanks for viewing!

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