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I wanted to express a world where only robots exist in a world that has long disappeared. However, the world of robots is gradually disappearing, and I wanted to create an expression of hope like the cycle of life again. Can a little robot change the world again?

Concept & Reference

Before construction, we needed a human-like robot. But while looking for a helpless robot I saw screenshots from a game called "hk project(stray)" and started designing.

At the time of production, there were not many reference materials, so I tried to express it with imagination and express the texture with an old and worn feeling.

It was very difficult to naturally add textures like old scratches and graffiti to match the character's background.

Now need a little robot that will act as an important means of conveying meaning. I was inspired by Wall E.

However, a toy that I couldn't see in Korea caught my eye, and I matched the robot with the background to give it a more outdated and outdated feel.

The robot's dashboard is childish, but we've put the 4 main things related to life into textures.

I reduced polygons and used a lot of normals to avoid taking as long to render as possible.

The textures were constantly modified to match the background, and objects similar to robots and environments were taken and worked and textured or built to fit the location.

Thanks for reading this long post !!!!

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