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Basketball man

It's a cinematic video titled 'Basketball Man'. The story is about a humanoid robot getting maintenance in the locker room before participating in the game and getting ready to participate.

I usually like mechanical robots, so I wanted to make the first demo reel into a mechanical robot. The character used Maya and made it by referring to various characters. Texture is made using a substance paint. I made efforts to express scratches and dirty expressions to express realistic metal feeling, and I modified it several times to make the current robot.

Textures that I worked on at Substance Painter were brought to Maya and connected by PBR method.

The dribble scene filmed a reference video and worked on the animation. It was a difficult but enjoyable time to work on animation.

I used Nuke to composite the pass and smoke

As it is the first demo reel, it is made with a lot of affection. It was a very interesting time because I could use everything I learned while making the demo reel.

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