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SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in South Korea with a long history.

You will smoothly progress in artistic skill and develop in a technical way by learning from our  skilled instructors who have a lot of practical experience and ability.The instructor in charge of you will answer your questions at anytime to maximize your skill progression.Our students have a high percentage of employment because the instructor in charge of them continuously advises them while working on their demo reels until they get employed.

Jihyun Nam

VFX Supervisor


SF Film School

VFX Supervisor

Double Negative - Effect Technical Director

Weta Digital  - Effect Technical Director
  - The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug

Rhythm & Hues - Senior FX TD
  - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  - Life of Pi

Walt Disney Animation Studios - Effect Animator
  - Wreck-it Ralph

Sony Pictures Imageworks - Senior FX TD
  - Smurfs

Cinesite - Senior 3D FX TD
- John Carter of Mars

MacroGraph - Lead FX Team 

  - Bolts & Blip


AzWorks Head of Effects 

  - Mother

  - Thirst

  - Tracing Shadow 

  - Jeon Woochi: The Taoist Wizard

CafeFX - Houdini TD

  - Red Cliff 

  - Nim's Island


Digital Domain - Visual Effects / FX TD / Animator 

  - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 

  - Meet the Robinsons 

  - The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising 

  - Letters from Iwo Jima 

  - Flags of Our Fathers 

MeteorStudio - FX TD / Animator 

  - 10.5: Apocalypse 

  - Final Destination 3 

  - Fantastic Four 

  - Alien Planet 

etc. - Visual Effects

  - The Wild 

  - Ark

  - R.U.Ready?


jihyun nam_.png

Anthony Juno Han

VFX Supervisor


CEO, SF FILM SCHOOL in Los Angeles

Scanline VFX

  - Iron Man 3

C2VFX (Visual Effects Supervisor, Founder)


  - Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

   (lighting technical director)

University of California, Berkeley

ZOIC Studios
  - "Premium Rush” Senior - Lighting TD

  - “Project Origin” F.E.A.R.2 Game Trailer - Modeling,


SWAY Studio
- "2010 Mini USA Commercial”, "Scion TC Commercial”

     - Lighting TD

  - Toyota Corolla Commercial - Generalist: Lighting,

     Modeling, Texturing, Animation

  - Lexus IS-350 commercial - Generalist: Lighting,

    Modeling, Texturing, Animation



  - "Nightmare on Elm Street - Lighting TD

  - "Knight and Day - Lighting TD


  - "Dark Ride”, a Lexus Short Film - Lighting TD

Cafe Fx

  - "Alice In Wonderland”, a Tim Burton Film - Lighting TD

  - “Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” - Modeling,

     Lighting, Animation

The Syndicate

  - "Shutter Island" a Martin Scorsese Film - VFX Generalist

Sony Pictures Entertainment/Uncharted Territories

  - "2012”, a Roland Emmerich Film - Lighting TD/Modeler
  - The Triangle-a SciFi Channel Original Show - Medium

    Res Character Artist

The Collective Studios
  - DaVinci Code:The Game - Contract Artist:



  - Starcraft Ghost  - Senior Character Artist Treyarch

  - Spider-man 2 - Lead Environments Artist, Senior

    Environments Artist

  - Minority Report - Lead Environments Artist, Senior\

    Environments Artist

  - Dead Rush - Lead Environments Artist, Senior

    Environments Artist

Westwood Studios

  - C&C Renegade, - Character, Vehicle, Environment Artist

  - Earth and Beyond - Character, Vehicle, Environment


  - Dune Emperor - Character, Vehicle, Environment Artist


anthony juno han_.png

Chris Yoo

VFX Supervisor


SF FILM SCHOOL In Vancuver, Canada


Scanline VFX In Vancuver, Canada

Atmosphere VFX-Modeling/Texturing Sets/props for VFX

TV series

  - Falling sky

  - High moon

Hydraulx-Modeling/Texturing Sets/props for VFX

feature film

  - Escape Plan

  - Machete2
  - Black Sky

Stargate Studios-Modeling/Texturing exterior/interior

Sets for a VFX Pilot project

  - ABC TV series

Method Studios-Modeling/Texturing Sets for a VFX

feature film

  - Dark Shadow

AnthemFX-Modeling/Texturing/lighting Sets for TV series
 - Sanctuary
  - Neverland

Ganz Interactive- Modeling/Texturing/props for a Game
  - Tail Town


Intelligent Creatures Inc-Modeling/Texturing/props for

VFX feature film

  - Underworld 3

Nelvana / Pipeline Studios - Texturing sets

  - Backyardigans : TV Animation series of Nickelodeon

Redrover Studios-Modeling/Texturing/Rigging sets/props

  - GET ED : TV Animation series of Disney 


chris yoo_.png

Peter Choi

Composite Supervisor


SF Film School

Composite supervisor


Industrial Light & Magic - sr. Digital Paint Artist

  - Tomorrowland 

  - Jurassic World 

  - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 

Digital Domain - Digital Paint Artist

  - X-man: Days of Future Past 

  - Deadpool 

  - Free state of jones 

Scanline VFX - Paint & Roto Artist

  - 300: Rise of an Empire 

Stargate Studios - Compositor

  - The Walking Dead 

  - Heroes Reborn 

Zoic Studios - 2D Artist
 - Once Upon Time 

  - Pan Am 

Exile VFX Studio - VFX Compositor

  - The 12 Disasters of Christmas 

  - End of the World 

  - The Philadelphia Experiment 

Gener8 Digital Media Corp - 2D Artist

  - Conan the Barbarian

  - Priest

  - Ghost Rider2

  - Prometheus


peter choi_.png

Bobby Jeong

Senior 3D Artist


SF Film School 

Senior 3D Artist

Sonny Pictures Imageworks - Senior 3D Artist

  - Spider-man: Homecoming

  - Spider-man: into the spider-verse

  - Kingsman: The golden Circle

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) - Senior 3D Artist

  - Star wars: The force awakens

  - Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadow

  - The great wall

  - Warcraft: The beginning

Lucasfilm Animation Ltd - 3D Artist

  - The clone wars

  - Strange magic 

Egg Story Digital Arts - 3D Artist


bobby jeong_.png

Dennis Müller

Senior Lighting Artist


SF Film School

Senior Lighting Artist

Walt Disney Animation Studios 

(Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist)

- Encanto

- Moana

Sony Pictures Imageworks  

(Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist)
- The Mitchells vs the Machine

Industrial Light & Magic

(Senior Lighting Technical Director)
- Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

- The Irishman

- Aladdin

- Jurassic World Dominion

Moving Picture Company

(Senior Lighting Artist)
- Justice League

Triggerfish Animation Studios

(Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist)

- Revolting Rhymes

LUXX Studios

(Digital / 3D Artist)

- Ewa

- Independence Day : Resurgence

Lighting & Compositing Artist

- Shine (Short)

Modeling Artist 

- Maya the Bee : The Honey Games


Director / Writer

- Subway Ride (Short)

- Herr K und der E (Short)

Animation / Art Department

- Zing (Short)

- Subway Ride (Short)



SF Film School

VFX Animator

Mackevision Studios

(3D Animator)


Industrial Light & Magic


 - Clifford The Big Red Dog


Double Negative Studios

(3D Animator)

 - Fast and Furious 9 - F9

Moving Picture Company


 -  The Lion King
-  Maleficent, Mistress of Evil
-  Cats : the Movie
-  The One and Only Ivan

Double Negative Studios


 - MetalHead

Manolya Kulkoylu

VFX Animator




SF Film School

Head of FX

(Head of FX)


Industrial Light & Magic

(Lead FX TD)

 - Aladdin

 - Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker


Industrial Light & Magic


 - Thor: Ragnarok
 - Only the Brave

 - Ready Player One

 - Solo - a Star Wars Story

 - Bumblebee

FX Houdini Artist


 - Guardians of the Galaxy 2

CG Artist (Method Studios)

 - Robocop

 - Divergent

Martin Lapp

Head of FX




SF Film School

Animation supervisor



Music Video

  - Steve Yoo

  - Lee Bon

  - Choi Chang Min


  - Clon: DDR game

  - Angling The Giant 2
  - New Hero

  - White Day

  - Legend of MIR

  - Legend of MIR2

  - Magnacarta 2

  - Shaiya

  - Iron

  - Mirrorwar

  - Fighters Club


  - England TV FULL 3D Animation ‘Ultra Guardians’

  - S-Oil CF ‘Goo Do Il

  - MBC Drama: ‘Light and shadow', ‘Sun&Moon', ‘MOOSIN',

    ‘Hores Doctor', ‘Gufamily Book’, ‘Heo Jun’

  - Animation ‘Ciringciring Sikeuris JyuJyu’


  - ‘CJ Entertainment Opening’

  - The Short Film “Magic Write” (Body & Face)

  - ‘Big Macth’ Working

 - Cyber Fair ‘A Living Museum’, ‘Why’
  - Smartphone Applications(English rhythmic)

    ‘Sing Sing Together’ and etc.

Huiseok Jeong

Animation Supervisor



jeong hui seok_.png
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