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People Talk About US

SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in South Korea with a long history.

SF Film School graduates’ interviews are here. You can hear the stories in SF Film School, Graduates’ stories after getting a job and about the companies they work for. We hope you become a better artist as keep their advices in your mind. We will look forward to see your advices too in this page in the future. We don’t put the people in this board who already have a job and studied abroad before came to this school.


Mijung Kim

Method Studios



Hello, this is Kim Mijung who finished VFX Regular program in SFFS.

I enjoyed drawing so I used to draw as a hobby. Then, after I watched Pixar animations, I got interested in learning 3D. So I majored in 3D animation in college, but I felt like there is a limit of what they teach. Thus, I took classes in SFFS to learn more about 3D animation. I chose to make a portfolio of a turtle because I was interested in making an organism instead of robots. I could make this far because colleagues from workshops helped me. I would like to thank my teachers for pointing out the parts that I am weak at and guiding me to do them better. Because I was doing my final project at the time that the workshops were taking its place, I started my portfolio the latest. I wished I would have started my portfolio faster, but now I think about it, it was good to have an experience of finishing a project on my own. It would be good if anyone can be great at the very first start, but I would like to recommend you to have a habit of finishing projects, even simple ones. Those experiences will be great assets in your future. Don't give up and keep working hard. I would like to thank SFFS, staffs, teachers, and my colleagues.

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