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Kim Seoung Mi



My portfolio is an urban environment created with the concept of failing to prevent desertification caused by global warming after 2100.

It was produced with a focus on terrain modeling and asset modeling to support environment parts.
I decided on the layout and screen composition, and focused on arranging assets without awkwardness in the scene.

I want you to remember that you are a student who is learning.
While creating a portfolio, there are certain things that you do not know and there are certain things that you do not like.

In the process, do not distance yourself from your work, remember that you are still learning and do not blame yourself.
I want you to start over with what you can do right now, sitting in front of the computer and starting work.

In fact, if you think that every day is a new beginning and a new opportunity,
Even if it ended the day before, you have the strength to try again the next day.
I think the best way is to not be shaken in the process and to go steadily towards the goal you are thinking of.

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