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Kim Do Yeong



It is a famous tourist destination called Venice in Colmar, France. It's a work with a concept where you can see the surroundings while riding a boat from morning to night.

I wanted to create a work that can express a peaceful atmosphere with the river, so I chose it as a reference. It is a work that was expressed with great care in the lighting part to make the river calm and peaceful as much as much as possible.

1. After setting the proportion or composition of the building, modeling and modeling the asset.
2. Texture work by referring to the reference. (Most of the textures used subpe, and the textures of wooden pillars or pears used PBR textures.)
3. Place flowers and trees (Speed tree)
4. Lighting after setting the camera composition. (We have reorganized the indoor scene because there seems to be a lack of scenes to be shown in the middle.)
5. Rendering.
6. Correction with nukes and effect.
It was worked in the same order as above.

I hope you can definitely decide what part you want and what you want to show. I started working on the scene without organizing it. Perhaps that's why I had to modify the texture several times due to incorrect adjustment of UV mapping resolution during texture work. If you don't want to make such a mistake, you can reduce mistakes and reduce time in portfolio production by setting up a specific scene composition plan.

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