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Yu Jae Jun



I made it a game cinematic, thinking about the dirty background of the cyberpunk of the style I wanted and the fallen robots failing to manage by weaving the story that the robot is not long in the world where only robots are left.

First of all, I found the main character and modeled it, found the background, placed it, held the camera, and started the texture by making the appropriate assets.
I changed the texture by continually rendering the robots to make them fall down and become unmanaged, not too clean.
And what I thought was lacking in the rest was the composition or color of the acting by correcting it with nukes.
I recommend you to collect a lot of reference materials when you make a content.
I have done it without reference materials and fixed the scene several times, so I hope you get a reference that suits the content you want and produce it through many stories with your teacher.
I recommend watching other students' works at art stations or cafes!

If you keep looking at many works and growing your eyes, you can see what you lack about your work, so I think you were able to improve the quality by revising it right away.

I recommend that you organize your files so that you can fix it right away.

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