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Kareigawa Station

Kim Jeong Bin



This is Karaygawa Station, a railway station on the JR Kyushu (Kyushu) passenger railway Hisatsu line located in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It is the oldest wooden ground station in Kagoshima Prefecture and is now an unmanned station, but it is also a place where tourists constantly visit to see the antique wooden history.
I started working on it because I wanted to create a space full of exquisite wooden station buildings, station atmosphere, and unique retro nostalgia that goes well with Kagoshima, a warm southern country.
The story flow was decided that the train direction and time zone flow together whenever the order of each scene passed.

The work was carried out by referring to the actual reference, and unlike the reference as necessary, the scene was constructed by adding additional sets that widened or did not have a better view of the camera scene. After Asset modeling and UV work, most of the texturing work was done using Subston Spanter, and the main role was wooden, focusing on expressing the feeling of wood texture that has been maintained and repaired for over 100 years.
Since then, gravel and lawns under the railroad, which represent the surrounding environment, have been carried out using PBR textures, and after that, they have been placed after plant work with speed trees to fill the scene.

The station and surrounding scenery are the main focus of the video, so it has a strong static feeling.Starting with the dynamic element of the Bonnie train, we added animation to attachments flying in the wind, plants, and flying insects to match the overall ratio.

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