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Love you most

Jun Joo Won



It is an animation that expresses the sadness and love for a daughter who has grown up a lot as a father reads a wedding invitation the day before his daughter's wedding.
I was inspired to make this because my dad, who is an idiot for my daughter, gets into trouble just talking about my marriage.
Story Planning - Storyboard - Animetic - Layout - Animation - Source Texture Modification - Lighting - Rendering
I think the most important thing is to make a plan every month, every week, and finish your portfolio according to your schedule! There are times when it is exhausting and difficult to work, but if you make one by one with the thought of finishing what you have planned for today and resting, it will be completed in no time!
When I first started my animation portfolio, it was difficult. But if you learn to block step by step by reading books, watching video lectures, and asking questions to the teachers, you will be able to create a much better portfolio than me.

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