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My Earth

Doo Hae Jeong



MY EARTH portfolio tells the story that robots in spaceships that left for space after the Earth's collapse create their own small planet = nature. I used the movie My Mother and Passengers as a reference, and I wanted to try fireflies while watching the animation Good Dino.

I caught the scene of making a fetus in my mother as a firefly caterpillar, and I told the story that robots make their own small Earth using caterpillars and plants by referring to the last scene of the Passengers and the intermediate plant incubator scene.

The above thoughts had time to catch the content in preparation for going up to the Popol class during the MAYA regular class, and at that time, I chose the scenes I wanted to do most while watching many videos and prepared the content.

The production flow chart seems to be produced in a variety of ways that suit you, and I started with modeling-UV-texturing-rigging-animation-rending-path coposite-AE, starting with all the appropriate asset modeling.

The main robot was modeled first, and the teacher said it was better to rotate the garlanding whenever the asset was completed, so we positioned it as the scene we thought in the content, gave approximate lighting, and tested it.

Until the last completion, it was developed and completed in Garlander.

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