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Kim Seo jin



I homage <knighthawks> by Edward Hopper, who I have liked since I was an undergraduate. In order to take the feeling of the original work in moderation and give it a new feeling, the surrounding buildings were erased and a cafe near a quiet park located far from the city was organized. I made it thinking of randomizing or looking department parts, but I feel sorry that I couldn't do animation properly for efficiency.
Please leave a note in various ways from the first class. We need materials to remember the contents of the class, such as writing. When you first start making your own work in the lab, what you learned at the time of class is very helpful. If you don't have any data left, please refer to the official website or ask the teachers to get an answer.

And when you first plan to produce a portfolio, please make a specific plan as much as possible. If you change it in the middle, it will delay a lot.
I think goals are more important than anything else. I think setting monthly, weekly, and daily goals and faithfully participating in the confirmation are the first steps toward rapid completion. And I think it's important to come out to the lab every day and work at a fixed time. From the standpoint of doing both online and offline classes, online is comfortable, but it has not improved efficiency as much as offline. And it's good to check the confirmation details of other lab colleagues. It can be stimulating and information can be obtained. It would be nice to see a cafe often because you can study just by looking at a good colleague's.

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