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One Autumn Day

Kim Ji Won



1: A good autumn day to travel. Before 6 p.m., when the sun starts to set. I wanted to express the space and moment that I could face while traveling, which would only be in my imagination.
It was when I was into traveling as a hobby for a long time, so I think I came up with the place I wanted to visit.

2: The work started to appeal that it can be completed in a short period of time. At the time of IU's album Blooming, she became an advertising model for adidas and was hung on a site banner.

When you enter the portfolio class, don't set it roughly, but even if it takes a while, I hope you can set it carefully and surely and start by looking at other people's portfolio work status. I regret that the most because I couldn't do that, and I had a long slump and spent a lot of unnecessary time.

Also, if you have decided what you want to do, I recommend you prepare at least a perfect reference to complete the first round. In the end, it's made by humans, so if I find a reference while working, I want to do this, that, and I have unnecessary greed.

Of course, it may be an opportunity to develop in a better direction, but in my case, I recommend starting work in a perfect state because I have experienced a slump after finding a reference and thinking that I want to do it again from the "basic" stage.

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