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Swan Lake

Hwang Si Eun



Starting with Tchaikovsky's ballet music, many people know it.
It is an animation portfolio that reinterprets Swan Lake.

When I saw that most of the 3D animation portfolios usually use free-source modeling or really focus on animation, I decided to create an animation population that contains stories, starting with live-action modeling.

In fact, it was a portfolio that considered and planned more artistic parts than technical parts, but in order for the artistic part to shine, I realized that the skill part must naturally be developed with high quality to shine as art and studied, learned, and completed in many areas.

At the beginning of the first project, I set the love story of Siamese Twin Creature with a male and a female and started modeling it, but eventually realized that it was a modeling that was limited to be used as an animation, and there was a crisis of revising the big frame.

As a result of the revision, the plan changed completely in the middle to the swan lake story.
No matter how artistic I pursue, in the end, I recommend that I get confirmation from the teacher, decide the part clearly, and work on the portfolio.

Also, if you do due diligence modeling, please know that basic anatomy studies must be done to improve the quality of the work.

3D is what I can make my own unicorn in my imagination.

It's really rewarding and wonderful, but I think it's also a lot of times when it's that hard and frustrating.
After all, it's myself who works and what I have to complete in the end.
Regardless of the quality than others, it's really great to complete the video population by one person to the end.
So you may be tired in the middle, but please cheer up and reach the top until the end.

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