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The Chaser

Lim Su Kyung



Because I want to start my career as a generalist, I wanted to add modelling, rigging, animation, and FX elements on my portfolio. And because I wanted to make sure that my audience is entertained, I added a chasing scene.

While I was wondering what can I create the best, I reminded the car modelling that I made in Maya classes. So I added them, and I added airplanes because I wanted to add something new. Besides vehicles, I also wanted to make an organic object, so I created a lizard modelling as an interesting eye-grasper in the beginning and the bridge between scenes. By adding rigging and animation on lizard, car, and airplane, I showed my rigging and animation skills. And by adding smokes while the car is driving, I could also show my FX skills on my work.

First, I focused on creating modelling for car and airplane. Then I was thinking what parts do I want to show on my portfolio, so I created my pre-visual as I was adding lizard modelling and other stuff on my work. After then, I created the background, sculpted my lizard modelling, then started rigging and animation. Then I added smokes on the car drifting scene and finished my work by adjusting my rendering.

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