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Tips for VFX and Digital Compositing

Monday, March 23rd, 2009, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

SF Film School

In this seminar, we will explain the working pipeline of Visual Effects and Digital Compositing. Also we will share Hollywood CGI VFX tips from professionals. After that, we will have time where our inturucters confirm our students’ portfolio and provide advice on technical parts.

Sam Khorshid


Phenom Films

Creative Director/VFX supervisor

VFX Supervisor - Sam Khorshid has spent 18 years in the entertainment industry, working in feature film, commercials, television, ride films and games. This experience has provided Sam with a diversified background in the VFX industry. A strong focus on methodology has given Sam an in-depth understanding of the visual effects process. This coupled with a intimate knowledge of several martial arts, and fight choreography allows for a unique perspective in action filmmaking.

Area of Expertise

  • broad range of post production disciplines: VFX, Compositing, Simulation, Animation, Pre-visualization, Pipeline

  • on-set live action supervision

  • management of complex feature, animation, and commercial VFX pipelines.

  • creative and technical interdisciplinary team communication

  • production planning and bidding

  • design and implementation of production pipelines

  • visual, storytelling, and technical problem solving

  • client creative and expectation management

  • management of multiple worldwide vendors

  • on-set motion capture and integration experience

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