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Swan lake

Starting with Tchaikovsky's ballet music, it is an animation portfolio that reinterprets Swan Lake that many people know.

When it comes to 3D animation portfolios, I saw that most of them use free-source modeling or make only animations.

In fact, it was a portfolio that was planned and considered more artistic than the skill, but I realized that in order for the artistic part to shine naturally, the skill part had to be developed with high quality to shine as an art, and I studied and learned in many parts and completed it.

I started modeling with the start of the first project as a love story of Siamese twin creatures with male and female attached, but eventually realized that modeling had limitations to be used as an animation, and worked to separate them into three people. There was a crisis.

With that modification, the plan was completely changed in the middle of the story of Swan Lake. No matter how much artistry I pursue, in the end I have to show certain skills in my portfolio, so I recommend that you work on the part clearly with the teacher confirming it.

Also, if you do live-action modeling, I want you to know that you need to study basic anatomy to some extent to increase the quality of your work.

It is 3D that I can make my own imaginary unicorn. It's really rewarding and wonderful, but it also seems to be a lot of hard work and frustration. In the end, it's me who works, and it's me who eventually has to complete it.

Regardless of the quality compared to others, it is really great that one person completes the video popul to the end. So, although you may get tired in the middle, I hope you will be strong and climb to the top until the end.

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