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Gepettos' Workshop


I did generalist video work by directly filming and synthesizing people in 3d background modeling.

From overall story planning to idea sketching, modeling, lighting, and compositing.

By following the order of work in the movie, I've done everything from casting actors to producing green screen props myself.

It was produced with a steampunk concept and modified by adding an owl instead of Pinocchio. As the clock works, the gears move one by one, and the owl wakes up and looks at the grandfather warmly.

Intention of the plan.

What I want to tell you is the message.

I wanted to make it into a work that feels like a short film, not just for the purpose of showing it in the frame of a video.

I designed, made, and even completed the idea sketch myself.

I usually refer to the watch advertisements, and I drew pictures and made them into 3D referring to the actual owl's appearance.

Other Steampunk concept objects were also modified and made by referring to references of existing real objects.

The images below are tips that I learned while working. Tips for modeling, texturing, lighting, and compositing. I think it'd be good to know because I've made a lot of trials and errors.

I met many students while attending the academy, helped each other, gave advice, and received it. If I did it alone, I don't think this high-quality video would have been made.

I think team work is always important and harmonizing with each other is important.

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