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Cathedral of hollow

The last journey of a Knight

About the work

"Cathedral of Hollow" is inspired by Dark Souls III It is about a reinterpretation about how it is like to be playing Dark Souls III as a player and thoughts about it. Dark Souls series are one of the well-known game series for the difficulty of gameplay and unwelcoming vibe to new players; it doesn't have any tutorials nor a kind NPC that tells what to do until people beat the first boss, Gundyr. The 1st playthrough was just wild because the anxiety of unpredictable attacks come out from nowhere and fear of losing boss battles by one hit; it was a bit stressful. However, more I complete the playthroughs, I was able to find the kindness and beauty of the designs in-game.

About the Knight

I chose the knight as the representation of players because the knight outfit and weapons are one of the starting items sets that players can select and start with. It doesn't look so fancy nor outstanding looking armor, but these basic items are good enough to use through the entire game. In the knight's chest, I created a weapon called Dragonslayer Swordspear of Nameless King. Nameless King is a hidden boss, which means when players find and defeat him, and it means either the players complete the journey or close to end. For making this character besides modeling and texturing, I used Marvelous Designer to create inner clothes and scarf, 3D motion capture, and rigging to animate the knight, nCloth, and Mash to create the chainmail.

About background

original thought about the project was making a calm environment but a bit of dark and scary. So, the context of this work is my reinterpretation and recreation of the most memorable elements that I found in the game such as a rose window in 'Irithyll,' and the overall architectural layout of 'Cathedral of Deep.' I used about 140 candles; each one has its own expression setting for mimicking actual little flickering fire movement.

It might be a long journey to complete. However, as long as players don't give up then, they would find themselves conquering the game.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to submit my work to the Rookie Awards 2020, and making such a great platform to see many fabulous artists and their works from all over the world. I hope you enjoyed my artwork. Once again, thank you, and have a nice day :D

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