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People Talk About US

SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in South Korea with a long history.

SF Film School graduates’ interviews are here. You can hear the stories in SF Film School, Graduates’ stories after getting a job and about the companies they work for. We hope you become a better artist as keep their advices in your mind. We will look forward to see your advices too in this page in the future. We don’t put the people in this board who already have a job and studied abroad before came to this school.

Jacob Contreras.jpg

Jacob Contreras

When I looked at the portfolios of the students, I was very impressed with the quality. And the quality of the portfolio works is the decisive reason why I chose this institute. I could feel the passion and effort of the students, and I could see hope that I could also make such a work.


Fraisse Celine

After looking at the student portfolio, I found out that SF Film School is a good school and chose it. There is an opportunity to learn animation and FX at SF Film School.  Personally, I would like to work by focusing on rendering rather than animation.


Jyri Poussu 

I got to know SF FILM SCHOOL from a friend who worked in the game industry. My friend said that the science fiction film school is the best educational institution. After few months, I think it was a good choice.


Walter Osadebe

I heard that you can learn VFX in Korea, and I heard that SF Film School is the best in the field of CG education in Korea. I am very satisfied with this place and it is very good to learn here.

Steve Reeves.jpg

Steve Reeves

It was very nice to be able to start even without prior knowledge of the technology in this field because it explains step by step from the basics. I don't know Korean well, but there is an interpreter, so I can understand what the instructor is saying during class without any problem, and it is very good to understand and move on without any unknown parts.

Christine Yu.jpg

The teachers are great and the teaching environment is comfortable. It progresses at a pace that is tailored to the student and takes time to make sure all students understand.

Christine Yu

Gatien Becker.JPG

Gatien Becker

I really liked having teachers around me who could answer my questions and questions. Teachers trust their students and give them a lot of research and assignments based on what they learn in class.

Loic Laurelut.jpg

Loic Laurelut

SF Film School is a very large school with dedicated and talented teachers. The help and guidance of the SF Film School teacher helps a lot in the portfolio and also gives students a lot of motivation to study voluntarily.

Goncharenko Julia.JPG

Goncharenko Julia

A friend who is already working at a Korean 3D video production company recommended me to the SF Film School where I could learn 3D and animation. I would like to advise students who study together not to give up.

Andria De Benedittis.jpg

Andria De Benedittis

I think the content of the SF Film School was a good curriculum that filled the parts I needed well. I still want to learn more at SF Film School if possible.

Giovanni Jacome Javier.jpg

I felt that the classes here were very organic and well organized. And the teachers are very helpful with the students' questions. So I think the teaching method here is a very good way to communicate between teachers and students.

Nick Calder.jpg

Nick Calder

If you ask me if I can recommend SF Film School to others, my answer is yes. If you check the regular course of the SF Film School, as you will know, it is about a year of education, and it will be a year of very intensive education compared to the US.

Giovanni Jacome Javier

Sukhbat Purev.jpg

Sukhbat Purev

I am learning 3d animation and vfx well from the basics in practice. Above all, the teachers are kind and teach well, which is really nice. I am satisfied that I came to SF Film School.

Annes Kwon.jpg

Annes Kwon

It was a short time, but my skills improved a lot. Not only my skills but also my confidence has improved a lot. After graduating from SVA, I will definitely come back to SF Film School to further improve my skills and learn more.

Zhang Ye.jpg

Zhang Ye

I am learning professional skills and knowledge. I would like to sincerely recommend SF FILM SCHOOL to those who are interested in MOVIE, ANIMATION, POST PRODUCTION, and VFX.

Monica Cho.jpg

 Monica Cho

The regular course conducted by SF Film School is not complicated, so you can learn quickly and learn a lot of knowledge and skills. I think I can do better at what I do in America. All thanks to SF Film School.

Mikio Tsubakihara.jpg

Mikio Tsubakihara

The educational process and portfolio of SF Film School is very good. The classes themselves are really well-organized and step by step for beginners.

Kojima Kunmasu.jpg

Kojima Kunimasu

I felt that the SF Film School class itself was faithful to the basics. The skills we learn here were also satisfactory. Now, SF Film School is recognized as a professional educational institution from overseas. SF Film School's excellent portfolio will make it one of the best schools in Asia.


 Claire Gwon

U. S. A

I really like the SF film school's teaching method, so if anyone really wants to work in CG or VFX, I think it will be made by the SF film school. All class contents are really creative and give students an accurate vision of what they do in practice and what kind of system they are composed of.


Charlie Kim

Los Angeles

I studied the FX (effect) part mainly through HOUDINI along with Maya at SF FILM SCHOOL. A variety of other subjects were also taken here. Teachers are always here, so you don't have to worry about any problems with your studies.

Shannon Lee.JPG

Shannon Lee

Through the guidance of the teachers, I was able to learn the basics of compositing, and it gave me more confidence as a Junior Compositor. I recommend SF Film School to anyone who wants to build a solid foundation from 3D modeling to compositing.


Whenever I was having a hard time, the teacher was always there so I didn't have to worry. I think I was able to finish it well because you told me a lot of problems I never thought of.

Seo Seung Hee.JPG

Seo Seung Hee

the teachers were always in the portfolio class, we were able to create without any blockages. We were able to produce a slightly better-quality portfolio thanks to the continuous confirmation from overseas practitioners.


Lee Sunny


Communication was one of the things I was most worried about. Can I really understand the class in Korean? However I was very surprised that there were no parts I was worried about. Don't worry about coming to SF Film School just because you don't know Korean. You will have a great time at SF Film School.

Woo Su Bin.JPG

Woo Su Bin

I wanted to learn at sffilmschool because I wanted to do synthesis, and after taking the hagwon class, I was able to think more clearly that the field I wanted to do was right.

Song Yun Jong.JPG

Song Yun Jong

Listen carefully to the teacher in charge. It's been a huge help. It's always been a fun place to work with people you can talk to about common interests.

Kim Mi Jung.JPG

Kim Mi Jung

I am most grateful to the teacher for pointing out the parts I am not good at and for teaching me to come this far.

Han Dong Hoon.JPG

Han Dong Hoon

It depends a lot on how hard you worked during the making period. As much as you come to the academy and work, I hope that you will work strictly on yourself and create a portfolio that you will not regret.

Kwon Yong Seok.JPG

When I first started making a portfolio, I thought a lot about how to make it, but while communicating with the teacher, I talked about the overall size and working time of the work and adjusted it accordingly.

Jeong Aram.JPG

Jeong A Ram

Working together in Popolban, we studied things we didn't know and shared data, which helped a lot, and we got a lot of help from the relationship. Don't think too hastily and prepare step by step.

Jeon Hye Ji.JPG

Jeon Hye Ji

I think the academy portfolio class is like a mentor who taught me a specific path from a vague plan. I was able to learn a lot in the process of making my own portfolio in earnest and working hard.

Lee Ju Hyeon.JPG

If you work with people, you will be less tired and you will be able to give and receive feedback and give and receive a good influence. It is important to have an attitude to find and study on your own when there is a blockage while working.

Kim Dong Won.JPG

Kim Dong Won

With the help of fellow academy students, I was able to study step by step, such as modeling, mapping, rigging, and animation.

Seok Hong Geun.JPG

Seok Hong Geun

CG work is really hard. However, I hope you will work hard while thinking of yourself who will become a great CG person in a few years.

Song Se Jin.JPG

All the steps to completion were a deep understanding of vfx and made it mine. That dream when everyone started, don't lose heart, everyone, keep going.

Shim Jung Ha.JPG

Shim Jung Ha

It is a place that has allowed me to gauge my skills and a place that has given me a direction to take. Also, I was inspired to see people working in the same field even though I couldn't get to know them.

Jeong Han Joo.JPG

Jeong Han Joo

The teacher gave me a lot of advice, so I was able to feel a lot of things I was wrong about.

Kim Min Beom.JPG

SF Film School is a place where I met good people and became more interested in VFX. Thank you to the SF Film School teachers who confirm every week.

Lee Won Jun.JPG

Lee Won Jun

Thank you to all the teachers who guided my portfolio in a good direction and even took my personal time to guide us.

Kim Tae Hyoung.png

Kim Tae Hyoung
New Zealand

I would like to thank my teacher for giving me a lot of encouragement in creating my portfolio. Portfolio creation is quite laborious, but this pain and perseverance will make you grow one day.

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