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SFFSLAB supports students in every step of the job recruitment in North America.

SF Film School won seventh place in the Rookies awards. Although it is a great accomplishment by itself, our academy will continue to work hard with our students to eventually win the first place of the awards. Multiple international awards under the name of the SF Film School have proved that the quality of our work and public confidence of our academy is not only recognized in Korea, but in the whole world. One of our students recently won first place in the Chaosgroup rendering hallenge, but our academy will always look forward and work hard to achieve higher accomplishment. 


Students in SFFSLAB work with international industry professionals to plan and produce their own film project At the end of the production, they have an oppertunity to submit their work to international film festivals all 
across North America.


Through the process of self-production within the academy, SFFSLAB teaches students the constantly evolving Hollywood CG & VFX technology in real-time. Likewise, the academy is putting a lot of efforts to make our students not to just be recognized in local companies, but also in global ones.



SFFSLAB, Canda branch, is located in Vancouver. Vancouver ois the rising heart of the CG & VFX industry. There are a lot of respectable international VFX studios, such as lndustrial Light & Magic, Sony Pictures Imagrworks, MPC, Scanline VFX, Animal Logic, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Zion Studios in Vancouver. The city is full of Hollywood movie filming sites and 3D animation studios. Beacause of this abundance of film studios, Vancouver ois known as the second Hollywood in North America.