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People Talk About US

SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in South Korea with a long history.

SF Film School graduates’ interviews are here. You can hear the stories in SF Film School, Graduates’ stories after getting a job and about the companies they work for. We hope you become a better artist as keep their advices in your mind. We will look forward to see your advices too in this page in the future. We don’t put the people in this board who already have a job and studied abroad before came to this school.


Minbeom Kim

Double Negative



Planning - modelling - sculpting - mapping/ film shoot - rigging - animation - lighting - rendering - composition

It is important to have a set storyboard and enough references for your project. And make sure you watch a lot of other's artwork, not just your work.As long as you have clear goal in your mind and passion, you will make it.

SFFS was a place that I met good people and inspired me to learn more about VFX. I would lke to thank people who helped when I was making my portfolio. Thank you for being kind and understanding to me.

I appreciate Choi Sang Jae and Kim Sung Joon for checking on my work every week. It was truly a memorable time that I spent in SFFS.

Thank you and I wish all of you a great luck! Let's go, SFFS!

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