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Books of amor

[ Biblioteca Angelica - The books of Amor ] by JYB (@ranbo07)

Hi there, Good Evening Deers. Let me introduce about my short Reel. Yepi! : Biblioteca Angelica (English: Angelica Library) is One of the Greatest public library located in Rome, Italy front of the Piazza Sant'Agostino square.

At the first time, Before take in the progress, I looooove books. I'd had short time to decide take the project subject. and I could show, put millions bookss to shelvess. Wonder do I love books so far? Just get r-(i)-e-adding

[ The statue had a sad story... I con't belive it. _IRIS]

Amor, Amor meus. Eeis quos amo.

#veritas #lux #Optatio #Amoris #magnifica #BibliotecaAngelica #espressivo #Andante #inferno

Thank you for watching!

Tools with Maya, V-ray, Substance Painter, Nuke, After Effect. etc.

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