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SF Film School is a professional educational institution for visual graphics and 3D animation, the best graphic institution in South Korea with a long history.

SF Film School graduates’ interviews are here. You can hear the stories in SF Film School, Graduates’ stories after getting a job and about the companies they work for. We hope you become a better artist as keep their advices in your mind. We will look forward to see your advices too in this page in the future. We don’t put the people in this board who already have a job and studied abroad before came to this school.


Jungha Shim




The world is developing faster each day. This must be the reason why retro style is getting popular as the future comes nearer. I made my storyboard based on the idea 'how would the world look like if there is an old-fashioned messenger for people who would rather have a slow paced life'.

My working progress was modelling - texture - FUR - film shoot - tracking - animation - rotoscope - lighting - rendering - composition on Nuke - blurring - adjusting hues. I loved making the artwork that I have been wanting to make. It motivated me to push myself until the very end. But now I look back, I realize it is also important to know what parts you want to highlight. For me, I didn't consider that much about that aspect when I was making my portfolio, so I think my portfolio is kind of leading nowhere. That is the part that I regret, so I would like to advice others to make a storyboard with a set direction to others. If you are going to make a modelling of a bird, think about rigging the wings before you step onto the work. You have to imagine how the wings would look when a bird is resting on the ground. If you are going to use feathers, make sure that the wings are parallel to floor. It will help you when you rig them. I didn't do so, and that was a hassle to go through when I was doing my rigging. Because my rigging was not in the usual style, I had a hard time putting animation keys on each of the feathers. If you are going to make a modelling of a bird without feathers, I think it would look cool. It would look like a fried chicken. Just kidding.

Part! It is important to set your parts first.

As you are making your portfolio, you will see what part you are strong at and what parts you are weak at. But when you are making your storyboard, you are not sure of it yet. If you just guess that 'these parts might work for mine', your portfolio can lead to nowhere. I would like to advise you to look up how each part operates before you work on your storyboard and decide what parts you want to work on for your portfolio. SFFS was a place that I built up my skills and got my career direction. I was inspired by my colleagues who were all hard working and passionate. I pushed myself until the end because of encouragement and feedback from my colleagues. I really appreciate helps from my teachers. I am in fact worried if I can do well in the future, but whenever I have a hard time, I will think back the good times that I spent in the portfolio class.

Thank you all!

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